Genesis Vision: The Future of Trust Management Market

The Problem

The first problem of modern trust management is its noncompliance with requirements of investors and managers. They are literally tied to their brokers and exchanges and have got no reliable source of information. That is why investors have nothing to choose and managers have nowhere to attract funds.

The second problem is the lack of transparency. Now brokers have an ability to change the trade history and hide the mechanisms of investment, distribution of profits and commissions. In this case, potential investors can’t see the difference between the real trade history and a fake one.

Such problems have been the real difficulty for normal management for years. This is the reason why the solutions must be found.

The Solution of Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is a special platform based on blockchain technology and usage of smart contracts, which is developed for making the private trust management market be useful and reliable. It unites exchanges, traders, brokers, and investors into one open network. This is the real solution for getting rid of the lack of information, transparency, and trust.

How it works

This system unites the participants of a trading process into one system with the unified source of information. Blockchain technology provides the ability for traders to attract investments from all over the world. And smart contract technology provides absolutely automated and transparent system of investment and profit distribution.

Genesis Vision has got its own cryptocurrency which is called GVT (Genesis Vision Token). It is the currency for this system and it will be used for all the investment operations and profit distribution.

The trade process is still unchangeable for managers. They will continue operating using exchanges or brokers.Each manager will have its own cryptocurrency (GVT). Transferring funds to the manager will be carried out by buying a manager’s cryptocurrency on the internal exchange. Such a system is an open source of reliable information about the statistics of the participants’ activities. Smart contract technology and blockchain allow doing all the investments and profit distribution absolutely transparent.


Genesis Vision provides a reliable trust management market system with lots of advantages for all the participants of the trading process.

Investors get the access to all the managers of the platform from all over the world. They also get the ability to invest both in the cryptocurrency and in the fiat currency. And the profit distribution is completely transparent and open for investors. The additional protection is also the ability to control the real trade history.

Managers get the opportunity to attract lots of investors from different countries. There is a fair competition between them due to transparency and fairness of the platform. This is also the reason for the confidence of investors for working with a certain manager. Manager disposes of their own cryptocurrency which is bought by investors.

Brokers get more opportunities for work, too. At first, participation in the process and the software are free. There is also the confidence about the brokers’ data, which cannot be compromised or disclosed. Using Genesis Vision they have the rights to do any marketing, use any methods of attracting managers, and establish any trading conditions for them. At last, the data about the brokers’ client base is not necessary; only the information about manager trading history is needed to for distribution between investors.

Achievements and plans

The work on the project has just started recently. Now the ICO is started to raise funds for developing the platform. Genesis Vision has got lots of plans and goals to achieve. That is why they need time and money to go. Alpha and beta versions of the platform will be released next year and the campaign of attracting brokers, managers and investors will begin. In 2020 the second mobile app and web version will be presented and the bank integration will be complete.

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